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About us

Designmint Decor is born out of a lifetime of love for art, design and sustainability resulting in designs that are great-looking, functional and Earth-friendly!

The beautiful designs are manufactured in our factory in Bangalore, where we have skilled artisans to ensure that each product is made with care. Our design philosophy implores us to use as many upcycled and recycled materials as possible so that we may reduce our impact on Mother Earth!

What do we do? 

We create cool art décor that can be used innovatively by the passionate shoppers for interior decoration. Each art we make has the capability of multiple usages. It entirely depends upon the creative thinking of the buyer. The décor thus created can be innovatively used for home, offices, spa, terrace or anyplace with a bare wall.

The products are Eco-friendly, Long lasting and durable, Sustainable, very user friendly. They are brilliantly handcrafted so as to make the best use out of the product by the buyer.

Shireen Shabbir [Cofounder and the Final Word]

Shireen has vast experience in the field of art spanning over two decades. Right from teaching every conceivable type of painting to creating her own brand of art which were snapped by individuals and by leading clubs and resorts. A multitasker and the driving force, she has the uncanny knack of being the best at everything she does.

Alifia Shabbir [Cofounder and Principal Designer]

With a background in interior design, a keen aesthetic sense, and an eye for good design, Alifia is the principal designer and finder of cool stuff. Give her a bare space and she will give you at least a dozen ideas on how to beautify it.

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